What Does Your Product Do and Why Should I Care?

Make sure your best-fit prospects immediately understand your products and intuitively grasp their value.

We help startups and established technology companies nail their positioning

How Is Your Product Being Perceived?

Stand out and cut through the noise with clarity and relevance. 

Positioning Workshop for Startups

Start looking at your product from your customer's perspective   
This workshop on developing effective positioning will guide you through a process where you will gain insights on how to communicate your products' unique value in a way that will resonate with your prospects, so they will understand and remember your product.  
You'll get actionable information to help you understand:
  • What exactly is positioning?
  • Why positioning is important
  • The 3 C's of successful positioning
  • How to evaluate positioning
  • The process to develop positioning
This workshop isn’t for every startup, but for the right ones, it’s a game-changer. The best way to determine if this workshop is a fit for your company is to have a conversation about where you are struggling and where I might be able to help.