93% of marketers say that content marketing generates more leads than other methods. But Only 30% of B2B marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing.

​Effectiveness levels are greater among respondents with documentation, clarity around success, good communication, and experience.

-Content Marketing Institute

Successful Content Marketing Requires A Strategy

How do you gain influence and overcome objections that stop a prospect from considering you? When you can't talk to them?  When they haven't yet engaged with your sales team?

B2B content marketing is all about knowing what information your buyers need and delivering it just when they need it.

It’s about guiding your customers on “the buyer's journey” and carrying on a natural dialog with properly targeted content.

​Effective content marketing requires a keen understanding of your buyers to deliver them credible, relevant and impactful information to influence their decisions.   And leverages marketing automation tools to automate processes and provide analytics to measure success and make course adjustments. 

When done right you meet buyers' needs at each stage of the decision-making process and make prospects feel like every interaction with you is a part of a natural dialog.


playbook for growing your business should be based on a strategy and focus on process.
One-time marketing projects and random acts of marketing don’t result in sustainable growth.  A playbook for growing your business must be precise, actionable, and in sync with your business objectives. You don’t just want to know that prospects are exposed to your value proposition; you want specific steps to improve engagement; have a way to measure progress and make adjustments as necessary. 

What Is A Content Marketing Playbook? 

The Content Marketer's Playbook  (CMP) is a complete strategy and implementation guide for growing your business

An online sales engine

An online sales engine

Your playbook is a detailed design for building your organization's complete digital marketing strategy. Using the playbook as your guide, you can construct a sales process for your business, that takes your buyer personas through the buyer's journey from visitor to sales qualified lead. We call this a sales engine.


The content to fuel the engine

The playbook defines when, where, and how many blog posts, whitepapers, webinars, and more that you will need to fuel your sales engine. It tells you which content topics to start with and organizes your content and lead nurturing campaigns not just to attract leads but to produce actionable metrics that, combined with the Lead Quality Report, tell you exactly which activities and channels produce your best results.


Building the Playbook 

The process for creating your playbook starts with a customized questionnaire that captures your target account profiles, buyer personas, the reasons people buy from you, and the reasons they don't. This carefully gathered information is then input into a proven model for attracting prospects and nurturing their interest to a point of qualified sales engagement.


What's in the Playbook ?  

​The playbook is developed in collaboration with your sales and marketing teams and documents a content marketing strategy for growing your business. After receiving your playbook, you can implement the plan to grow your business on your own or retain us to execute the plan.  Components include:
• Discovery interviews and strategy workshops 
• 20-25 page strategy document specific to your business
• Clear explanation of the roles of top, middle and bottom of the sales funnel
• Step-by-step guide to automating your content marketing process
• 24 analysis-driven blog titles for your product or service
• 3 premium content titles
• Recommendations for automated lead nurturing workflows
• Guide to interpreting analytics 

Talk To Us About Upping Your Marketing Game !

No matter where you are with your implementation we can help 
Our marketing consultants will help you to develop a customer-centric approach using analytics to examine and refine what the process looks and feels like from the customer standpoint. We enable you to

  • Create a closed-loop system between marketing and sales
  • Develop and implement lead nurturing strategies and programs
  • Use data to test messages, programs and offers
  • Implement reporting and measurement systems
  • Document sales and marketing process automation workflows
  • Determine operational and financial performance metrics

 We can help ensure that you are measuring what is important and have  the proper tools to manage and react to your prospects needs in a timely and efficient manner.