The Challenge: Getting Your Prospect To Take Action

"If I'm your ideal customer, how are you going to help me specifically? Why should I buy from you and not your competitor - and why do I need to do it now? " 

Your technology is complicated to explain and hard to differentiate. You need a story that's credible and impactful - because your product won’t sell if you can’t communicate its value to buyers.

You need to provide technical and business information that's relevant to your prospects' roles and requirements, simple to understand, but not dumbed down and generic.  You need a message that's unique because you will fail if your message sounds just like everybody else's, is too complicated or it's inconsistent

Getting Your Prospect To Take Action

The Solution: Buyer-Centric Messaging That Drives Insights

Buyer-Centric Messaging That Drives Insights

We take the buyer's perspective to create messages that shift their mindset and and lead them to action. It's about the mind of the customer not the voice of the customer.

It's all about the buyer's context 
If your target buyers are unable to perceive why they’ll get value from buying your product or service and how it's superior to competitors', then you either have the wrong targets or a poor product.

The tendency across technology companies is to describe the product they are offering, and the features that that think are exceptional. But this approach falls short with a buying team that needs not only understand how the technology will benefit their organization, but how it will add value to their business.  This sometimes happens because the team is just too familiar with their product and forgets how much work is required for a new person to understand it. They assume an understanding of concepts that are not yet clear to their audience.

Getting to your secret sauce
Drill down to your real differentiators. Identify your positioning. Get to the heart of what you need to be known for. Capture all this in a customer-centric construct that reflects your core purpose and what you want to be known for and will keep everybody on message up down and across your organization.

86% of the value propositions salespeople present aren’t relevant enough to get the customer to take action.

- CSO Insights

Buyer-Centric Message Creation

Key Components of Message Development

Internal Discovery

Review sales, product, and marketing strategies with key stakeholders. Assess business assets (e.g. brochures websites, demos, sales decks..) 

Environmental Analysis

Review target industries, customers' needs, market drivers, trends, competitors and current alternatives to addressing customer problems. 

Buyer Thinking

Find pain points and challenges, assess current perceptions and beliefs. Strategize how we can shift their thinking and new insights we can provide.

Your Secret Sauce

Drill down to your real differentiators. Identify your positioning. Get to the heart of what you need to be known for. Find the hero of your story

Message Mapping

Document messaging strategy, use guidelines, positioning statements, supporting messages, and critical insights for each on buyer profile

Activation Plan

Messaging is in place, language perfected, and your storyline honed, you need an implementation plan to put that messaging to use 

The Buyer-Centric Messaging Multiplier Effect

Move the conversation beyond "what does your product do and why should I care?

Quickly Get Attention

Communicate your value faster. People stop asking the basic questions about what the product is, what it does, differentiators and if it is right for them.

 Delivers Insights

You can move to higher level discussions about the applications and benefits to their business. Differentiate using insights that lead to your unique, sustainable strengths.

On Target Solutions 

A relevant and credible message has a tremendous impact. 
It speaks to a clear market need and can be easily adapted to different audiences and communication channels. 

Consistent  Dialog​ 

When both sales and marketing are delivering the same message, you'll  be better able to have a deeper dialog that's more credible and more personalized.​


It becomes easy to develop marketing 
​materials, presentations  website content, media pitches, press releases, sales materials. 

The Core Messaging Framework

We work with you to help you keep the technical conversations where they belong (with the technologists) and translate your combined technical and business strengths to craft compelling messaging – and put it into words that your sales and marketing teams can use every day. This whole thing works because the message is built on in-depth, qualitative research, simple frameworks, and proven methodologies.  

The key lies in knowing what elements of the product to emphasize based on its relevance to the buyer and having the objectivity to downplay features that, while unique and different from the competition, are not valued by the customer.

Using this framework your organization will have a clear idea of how to quickly and confidently go to market and “tell their story” in a variety of mediums ranging from an “elevator pitch“ to website to customer meetings, press and analysts.

It will act as a springboard from which to drive more efficient, affordable and effective marketing campaigns that encompass all aspects of marketing and sales, from generating awareness to developing collateral materials, to creating customer product advocates and everything in between.

Message Foundation

Provides The Foundation To Drive Multiple Objectives

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