Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge 

Albert Einstein
Mark Shapiro
Mark Shapiro

Mark Shapiro is the founder and Chief Engagement Officer of Agile Product Marketing Group, and leads all aspects of client engagements including strategy, messaging and positioning, demand generation, content marketing, sales enablement, and influencer relations. Mark brings experience in understanding customer buying strategies, sales training and enablement, market analysis and development, and building communication frameworks for sales and marketing efforts.

An accomplished and versatile marketing leader with a track record of increasing sales velocity, lead quality, and buyer engagement, he has built the marketing capabilities of companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 50. Experience across a wide range of products encompassing on-premise, cloud, SaaS, and mobile platforms in the areas of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, healthcare, IoT, learning management, media, networking, and software development. 

His success comes from consistently  taking  a “shift left” approach to strategy that reduces costs and improves return on efforts across sales, marketing and product. And when it comes to B2B marketing, his hidden talent is “the ability to grasp technical details of complex technology products and translate meaning and value to both technical and non-technical audiences, using language that is easily understood but not oversimplified – both inside and outside my client’s organization.”

"It doesn't matter what you do, it matters why you do it." 
- Simon Sinek  Start with Why