Why Your Inbound Marketing Isn’t Generating Leads| 3 Root Causes
MOVING PAST THE HYPE AND GETTING REAL RESULTS WITH INBOUND MARKETING COMES DOWN TO TIME-TESTED MARKETING FUNDEMENTALS AND DISCIPLINE.   There is no doubt that buyers are in control and that they way they buy has radically changed - making it imperative to adopt and master Inbound marketing. But as with any change that involves people, process, and  technology - getting it all in sync is a challenge that takes time and effort to get right.  We often work with marketers and executives who are frustrated they have invested a lot of time and resources into their website, but are disappointed it's not producing the qualified leads and customers they had hoped for. They've done everything "right" - they've invested time and effort into SEO, AdWords, and content but, they haven’t seen...
How Effective Lead Generation Can Reduce Your Sales
What To Do When You Have Too Many Leads and Not Enough Revenue – Yes This Really Happens… I know this may sound crazy, but I just talked to a sales manager that said he had too many leads. What he really meant  was that he had more leads than he could follow up on and no way to separate the "hot leads" I asked him where most of his leads came from, and he said mostly from the website with a mix of tradeshows and direct prospecting..
Understanding the Buyer's Journey and Influencing B2B Purchases

The importance of understanding the buyer’s journey:

One-way vendor controlled sales methods are dead – The buyer is now firmly in control – which is why inbound marketing is well suited to support today's buyer’s journey