What is Customer Discovery? And Why You Should Care?

Addressing The #1 Reason Startups Fail – The Case for Customer Discovery

According to CB Insights , 70% of startup tech companies fail, after raising financing and the #1 reason is No Market Need; Tackling problems that are interesting to solve rather than those that serve a market need was cited as the top reason for failure and at 42%, it dwarfs all other factors.  So, as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In this case, you need a pound of prevention in discovering who your customers are and why they would want your product.  Steve Blank and Eric Ries created  The Lean Startup movement and popularized the minimum viable product (MVP), which has become foundational for startups and mature companies alike; however, far too often, the MVP is a solution in...
Developing Bottom of the Funnel Content To Drive Purchase Decisions
Providing sales with the content and context they need to effectively engage and support the buyer’s journey : What content do you need for the last leg of the buyer’s journey? How do you support the bottom of the funnel as your prospects begin to engage with sales? The concept of the  Buyer’s Journey is essentially a framework that  describes the cognitive steps each buyer must personally traverse leading from apathy (Do I care?)  
Understanding the Buyer's Journey and Influencing B2B Purchases

The importance of understanding the buyer’s journey:

One-way vendor controlled sales methods are dead – The buyer is now firmly in control – which is why inbound marketing is well suited to support today's buyer’s journey